My Assignment

CSC offers to employees a unique “once in a career” leadership development experience. Each year CSC applications are reviewed and about 15% of those applicants are selected for the following year assignments. After waiting for about one year, finally I received the notification informing me to be a member of CSC India 23 team  and to travel to Jamshedpur, India. I was so happy even if I had no idea where where is Jamshedpur.  

CSC Inida 23 team have 12 members from all around the world. Each of them is preeminent and I am very pround of working with them.

Next, we have about 40  hours of educational modules before our departure. The weekly team conference calls with the Corporate Citizenship teams was held to help us know team member, learn cultrual difference, study consulting techniques …

Starting September 2nd week,  till October 2nd week,  We will be in  Jamshedpur, India, as part of an IBM Corporate Service Corps Team project with a Hospital project.

I will continue to share my photos and expericence with all of you here.



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