Tavel to Jamshedpur

On September 13, we took train to Jamshedpur from Kolkata toJamshedpur. In India, train system was very extensive. You can go anywhere by train. At the same time, the train was quite old, like the train model of the 1990s’ in China.



There were a lot of porters on on the platform. Of course bargaining was always necessary. I was really impressed by thir hardworking, happy-go-luck and technique.

IMG_4612  IMG_4614 IMG_4625IMG_4610

We took a “family photo” at the platform.


Above is a shot of our entire group including Sanjay (one of our logistics coordinators) and Mamtha (our IBM in-country advisor).

From left to right: Manju (Canada), Miguel Angel (Columbia), Sanjay, Szandra (Hungary), Me (China), Udaya (USA – Texas), Yves (Switzerland/France), Jakob (Germany), Mamtha, Kim (USA), Carol (Brazil), Darren (USA) and Michelle (Canada).



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