Immersion Day (Durga Puja)

Today is the sixth day of Durga Puja, also kown as “Immersion” day. On the is day the sculpture is taken for immersion in a procession amid loud chants of ‘Bolo Durga mai-ki jai’ (glory be to Mother Durga’) and ‘aashchhe bochhor abar hobe’ (‘it will happen again next year’) and drumbeats to the river or other water body. It is cast in the waters symbolic of the departure of the deity to her home with her husband in the Himalayas. Durga Puja commemorates the annual visit of the Goddess with Her children to Her parents’ home, leaving finally on the Dashami to be re-united with Shiva. This leaving ceremony is symbolised by the immersion of the sculptures on Dashami

We were very honored to participate in the acitivies and had a lot fun. Let’s have a taste of it.

Truck to tranport the sculptures:




This guys acquied weapons from gods and godnesses.


Colourful guys





IMG_5734     IMG_5675  IMG_5687 IMG_5688

A sculputre to be immersed.




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