Our CSC Project

Today, let me have a brief on what our team have completed during CSC assignment.

Our project is to create a design for a Centralized Data Management system to manage patient and financial records for the Singhbhum Medical and Diagnostic Center.

 Project challenge:

The Singhbhum Medical and Diagnostic Center(MDC) currently uses a paper process to manage patient health records which is causing a number of challenges:

  • High Data Loss
  • Weak Data Confidentiality
  • Limited Ability to Track Finances
  • Limited Record Storage
  • Difficulty Retrieving Records
  • Low Data Integrity

Project solution:

 Solution: A Centralized Hospital Information System (HIS) that will be easily searchable, accessible, and retrievable from within the organization.

Our Objective is to provide the IT architectural framework, specifications, recommendations and design for an HIS that will meet the hospital’s medical and financial process requirements while fulfilling the following additional needs:

    • High Availability
    • High Reliability
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Role-Based Security
    • Data Confidentiality
    • Efficient Record Retrieval
    • Data Backup
    • Custom Reports

Methodology and Plan:

 Methodology and Plan



  • Deployment of the HIS system using GNU health software
  • Conduct of several training sessions
  • Finish SOW-defined documents
    • Installation Guide – Server software installation details
    • Initial Setup Guide – Server configuration guide
    • Deployment Plan – Provides a detailed schedule of events, expected project duration, persons responsible, and event dependencies required to ensure successful deployment of the new system
    • Operation Manual – Backup, recovery and server maintenance guide
    • Use Case Document – Defines how a user will interact with the system to achieve the documented requirements
    • Final Report – The architectural framework, technical design and process flow document that includes a project roll-out methodology with best practices and recommendations on processes and procedures
    • Final Presentation

Customer feedback:

Customer is very happy with the solution we have provided mainly because it is not only some paper work but it is really an existing system they can touch and feel. Actually, customer has already conducted many training sessions in which they feel it is exactly what they need. We are really happy with the achievement we have made and very proud of the impact our work will bring to the community.

Ortientation meeting:


Hospital visit:


IMG_5030 IMG_5027

Training session

IMG_5763   IMG_5790

Tribal village visit


Final Presentation





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