Visit to TATA Center for Excellence and TATA steel plant

On Saturday (9/20), we were invited to visit TATA Center for Excellence and TATA steel plant in Jamshedpur. We really had a lot of fun. As usual, we chose TUTU car as our primary transport because it is cheap and it is the most convenient transportation mean with a lot of excitement.


In TATA Center for Excellence, I learned about the long history of TATA family which really impress me. Nowadays, TATA group is a world-renowned enterprise. I was wondering how the family virtue and value are inherited from generation to generation? Could it be related to Indian culture, religion and family education?


Magic picture


We paid a visit to TATA steel plant in the afternoon. The whole plant is huge. The production scene was very spectacular. But we were not allow to take picture. What a pity?




Visit to FAPI hospital

In this week, we visited FPAI hopital twice to know the patient process, IT infrastruture, hardware status and IT skill level of personnels. Those information is very important for us to start our work.



Doctor’s room



Operational Theater


Process interview




New born baby


Meeting with NGO clients

On September 15th, we held the first meeting with NGO clients, ie, All India Women’s Conference (AIWC), Kalamandir, School of Hope and Family Planning Association of India(FPAI).


On the meeting, 4 NGO organization representatives explained current status, their thoughts, their visions, as well as the hardships they face. As one of CSC members, I was really inspired by their passion and enthusiasm.


Next, each CSC member introduced his work experience, expertise and feeling/inspiration on the assignment.


The organization I’ll be working with is known as FPAI (Family Planning Association of India). They support clinics all across India that specialize in family planning and reproductive health. Our team will be working specifically with the Singhbum branch which is located outside of Jamshedpur. This branch is unique however since it is the only medical facility in a 10km radius. Starting last year, the Singhbum branch was enhanced to now include a MSH (Multi-Specialty Hospital) including departments for general medicine, surgery, orthopedics, and obstetrics/gynecology. It is also equipped with two operation theaters for surgeries. The diagnostic needs of patients are met through a pathology and radiology department. There is a pharmacy on the premises providing generic drugs that are much more affordable than in other medical shops.While these new functions of the expanded clinic have offered real healthcare options to the surrounding area, the hospital is having difficulty keeping track of patients, budgets, assets and procurement. Our team is tasked with creating a framework including specifications and recommendations for a centralized HIS (health information system). FPAI will really benefit from the implementation of the project.


CSC 23 Team Orientation

On September 14th, we held CSC 23 team orientation meeting. I learned a lot from this meeting.

What a coincidence, this day was Manju’s birthday too. Her husband, thousands of miles away, sent a bouquet of rose and a birthday cake as a big surprise. It was really sweet!

Happy birthday, Manju!



Then Mamtha and Shruti led us to go through CSC projects and shared a lot of valuable experience. It was really helpful!



CSC team members began to introduce themselves and laughers could be heard from time to time. Through these activities, we started to learn each other and started to build trust.


Tavel to Jamshedpur

On September 13, we took train to Jamshedpur from Kolkata toJamshedpur. In India, train system was very extensive. You can go anywhere by train. At the same time, the train was quite old, like the train model of the 1990s’ in China.



There were a lot of porters on on the platform. Of course bargaining was always necessary. I was really impressed by thir hardworking, happy-go-luck and technique.

IMG_4612  IMG_4614 IMG_4625IMG_4610

We took a “family photo” at the platform.


Above is a shot of our entire group including Sanjay (one of our logistics coordinators) and Mamtha (our IBM in-country advisor).

From left to right: Manju (Canada), Miguel Angel (Columbia), Sanjay, Szandra (Hungary), Me (China), Udaya (USA – Texas), Yves (Switzerland/France), Jakob (Germany), Mamtha, Kim (USA), Carol (Brazil), Darren (USA) and Michelle (Canada).

Getting together in Kolkata

After one year of waiting for assignment, three month of pre-working, and 24 hours of travel, 11 participants have finally got together. We met each other  in the hotel’s traditional Indian restaurant  on September 12. We taked to each other, shared travel experience and discussed our assignments. The feeling was very fantastic. This was our first time to meet each other face to face.


My crew membrs represent Columbia, USA, Brazil, Hungary, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, China, and Canada (from left to right).



I arrived in Kokata on 2014/9/12 after 6-hour intenational flight, 5-hour layover, 2-hour domestic flight and 2-hour taxi. It was a long journey but compared with other CSC members, it was nothing because most of them spent almost 20+ hours. I met my teammate Kim on the plane. I could not be 100% sure it was him until I re-confirmed his photo. He is a very kind person. He has been working with IBM for 41 years. I never imagine I can work so long. Kolkata is a city I need to explore more. I saw countryside, many cows, big birds, heavy traffic and many kind persons. At night , almost all CSC member gathered together for dinner, sharing travel experience, telling jokes, planning for new things etc.  It was really an unforgetable night.